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Infrastructure of Global Change Research DataPublishing Repository and Sharing in Developing Countries(2016)

Date: 2017-06-09      View counts: 449    


LIU Chuang Ph.D. Professor

Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS


In the big data are, a series of challenges for the scientist in developing countries. One of them is how to be involved in the international cooperation activities., including accessing to the data resources, data quality control, data re-using, IP protection and sharing, data publishing and credits etc. The CODATA (Committee on data for science and technology) Task Group of Preservation of and Open Access to S&T data in developing countries organized a country and regional series of workshops on data strategies, policies, capacity buildings, show cases and best practices, infrastructures since it was established in 2002. One of them is the Global Change Research Data Publishing and Repository. This class will focused on how to be involved in the global change research data publishing and repository, especially in the dimensions of authors, reviewers, editors, end users, as well as the users of value added services.

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