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Nepal Earthquake Rescue Data Service
At 14:11, April 25, 2015 Nepal was hit by 8.1 magnitude earthquake (28.2 °N, 84.7 °E).
Hypocenter was at a depth of about 20 km, and 31 aftershocks occurred. Up to 10:00 April 27,2015,
the earthquake caused 3218 dead and more than 6500 injured.
Casualties were also found in China’s Tibet, India, Bangladesh,
and Bhutan. Its epicenter was in Pokhara,
which is Nepal’s second largest city and a major tourist attraction.
Around the epicenter is mutinous broken terrain.
There was a high risk for secondary induced disasters,
such as landslide. Tremors were felt in some other regions in Nepal,
India, China, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Adjacent Nepal, Nyalam County,
Tingri County and Gyirong County of Tibet felt strong tremors of earthquake.
(Source: Baidu Encyclopedia. Original sources are mainly from China Seismic Information,
NetEase, Sina, Tencent)
Weather of earthquake region Data source: Yahoo Weather
Kathmandu: 14.4 ℃
Pokhara (China): 18.3 ℃
Gyirong (China): 16.1 ℃
Nyalam (China): 16.1 ℃
Infectious Disease Control and Psychological Interventions
Psychological Interventions after disaster
Instructions on infectious disease control
Disease control in temporary settlement of earthquake-stricken area
The source of infectious disease after earthquake

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