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Triangle Height, Edge, Angle Online Calculator

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App description

The height of the triangle: a vertical line from one vertex of the triangle to its opposite side, and the line between the vertex of the triangle and the foot is called the height of the side of the triangle.

This online calculator helps you calculate the height, bottom length and apex angle. If you know the height and bottom length, just select the "Top Angle?" button; if you know the angle and the bottom length, just select the "High (Length)?" button; if you know the angle and height, just select " Bottom?" button.

Usage example

What you want to calculate is: vertex angle? Height (length)? Base?

Select high

What is the unit of angle? Degree or minutes or seconds?

Select angle

Angle (Degrees):50

Bottom length: 6

Click "calculate" to output the result


Significant Figures >>>5


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