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Cuboid container online calculation

The unit of the number above is?
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A cuboid is a straight prism whose bottom is a rectangle. A cube is a special cuboid. A cube is a cuboid whose six faces are squares. Each rectangle of a cuboid is called the face of the cuboid. The line where the face intersects is called the edge of the cuboid, and the point where three edges intersect is called the vertex of the cuboid. The sum of the six surface areas of a cuboid is called the surface area of the cuboid. Cuboid volume is a measure of cuboid. Cuboid volume is equal to the product of length, width and height.

Volume is a Chinese word, which refers to the volume of objects that can be contained in boxes, oil drums, warehouses, etc. It's usually called their volume. Volume is measured in volume units. The volume of liquid, such as water, oil, etc., which is usually measured in liters and milliliters. It can also be written in L and ML.

Usage example

Liquid level high >>5

Height of container >>9

Width of container >>4

Length of container >>6

The unit of the number above is?


Cubic Centimeters,Liters,Water (Kg),% Volume

Liquid volume=120,0.12,0.125,5.556

Air volume=96, 0.096, ***, 44.444

Container volume=216, 0.216, 0.216, 100 %

Tank DepthVolume











Effective digit >>> 5


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