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Web Tools: Javascript pop-up code generated online

Category: Web

Modify the following options, enter what you want and click the Generation button.
After generation, there will be corresponding links, you can click on the test.
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Copy the pop-up code from the following build box

Frequently online friends may have visited such websites. Once you enter the home page, a window will pop up, or a connection or button will pop up. Usually, some notes, copyright information, warnings, welcomes, etc. will be displayed in this window. Or the information the author wants to specifically remind. In fact, it is very easy to make such a page. Just add a few pieces of Javascript code to the HTML of the page. The following we will take you to analyze its mystery.

In fact, the code is very simple: window.open ('page.html')

Because this is a piece of javascripts code, they should be placed between the JAVASCRIPT tags.

Window.open ('page.html') is used to control the pop-up of the new window page.html. If page.html is not in the same path as the main window, the path should be written in front, absolute path (http://) and relative the path (../) can be. You can use single quotes and double quotes, just don't mix them.

This piece of code can be added to any location in the HTML, the earlier the implementation, especially the page code is long, and want to make the page pop up as early as possible.


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