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Hypertension judgment online calculator

App description

Systemic arterial blood pressure is referred to as blood pressure. Blood pressure is the pressure that acts on the blood vessel wall when blood flows through the blood vessels. It is the driving force that pushes blood through the blood vessels.

The ventricle contracts and blood flows from the ventricle into the artery. At this time, the blood has the highest pressure on the artery, called systolic blood pressure.

The ventricle is dilated, the arteries are elastically retracted, and the blood continues to flow forward slowly, but the blood pressure drops. The pressure at this time is called diastolic blood pressure.

In this calculator, enter your systolic and diastolic blood pressure to get a result of high blood pressure.

Usage example

Systolic pressure= 120

Diastolic pressure= 80

Click "Calculate" to output the result.

Result:= Normal


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