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Binary function value calculation

This page calculates the function values of binary functions expressed by expressions.First enter the function expression in the function definition edit box, then enter the values of the arguments x and y in the argument edit box, and then click the "start calculation" button to calculate the function value of the corresponding function at x.

An expression is a string of characters, in which the characters +, -,*, /, ^ represent the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and multiplication. Some constants are combined, the letters E and P represent the base E and circumference of natural logarithms in mathematical operations, some functions can also be added, the priority of calculation can be changed by parentheses, functional expressions can be added, the independent variable characters X and y, and the independent variable edit box can input constant expressions.

The list of supported functions is as follows (where x, a, b all represent any number, variable or constant expression):

sin(x) sine cos(x) cosine asin(x) Arcsine acos(x) Inverse cosine
tan(x) tangent atan(x) Arc tangent exp(x) exponential function log(x) Logarithm
sqrt(x) Square root rand(x) (0,1) random number LE(a,b) Less than or equal to, return 1 when a < = B, otherwise return0
LT(a,b) Less than, a < B return 1, otherwise return0 GE(a,b) Return 1 if it is greater than or equal to, a > = B, otherwise return0
GT(a,b) Greater than, a > b, return 1, otherwise return0 abs(x) absolute value gam(x) gamma function
max(a,b) Maximum value of a, B min(a,b) Minimum value of a, B


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