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Give the derivative of a unary function in the form of an expression

This page executes the derivative function of the unary function online. The unary function f(x) and its calculated derivative function are represented by expressions similar to the programming language. The expression is represented by the characters +, -, , /, ^. , subtraction, multiplication, division, and power, and use the various elementary functions shown in the table below. The constants e and p represent the base and pi of the natural logarithm, respectively. You can change the priority of the calculation with parentheses (), for example, 1/sqrt(2+sin(x)) is the reciprocal of the square of x after the sine of x. Note that the 2x in the general math formula must be written as a 2x program to be able to understand. The argument can only be x, and no other letters are allowed. Click the Start Derivation button after entering the expression for the function in the edit box below.

The list of available functions is as follows:

sin(x) Sine cos(x) Cosine asin(x) Arc sine acos(x) Inverse cosine
tan(x) tangent atan(x) Arc tangent exp(x) exponential function log(x) Logarithm
sqrt(x) Square root        


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