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Color matching online calculator

Category: Web

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Since web pages (WEB) are media developed based on computer browsers, colors are mainly optical colors RGB (red, green, blue). The color of the web page is expressed in hexadecimal code. The general format is #DEFABC (the letter range is from AF, the number is from 0-9); if it is black, it is: #000000 in the webpage code (can be abbreviated as #000 in css writing) ). When the color code is #AABB11, it can be abbreviated as #AB1, as #135 and #113355 are the same.

The color matching command matches the color between two images, between two layers, or between two selections. This command is to match the color of the source image with the color of the target image, so that the color of the source image emulates the color of the target image. Therefore, multiple images must be opened at the same time in the application process to enable color matching in multiple images. The more images that are opened, the more opportunities we have to choose to match colors.

In addition to matching the colors between two images, the Color Match command can also match colors between different layers in the same image. It also allows you to adjust the color in the image by changing the brightness and color saturation of the image and neutralizing the color marks, but note that this tool is only available in RGB color mode.


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