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UPS uninterruptible power supply load online calculation

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is an uninterruptible power supply. As a protective power supply device, it plays an important role in industrial applications.

UPS should not be operated at full load for a long time, nor should it be operated at light load for a long time. The former is easy to cause damage to the inverter and rectifier of the UPS power supply, and the latter is likely to cause damage to the battery of the UPS. Therefore, the UPS single machine is configured according to the load capacity of 60% to 80%, and the parallel machine is preferably configured according to 35% to 40% of each load. In addition, we must consider the expansion of the load system, which increases the load capacity by about 20%.

For example, if the actual load of the UPS is 60kVA, the minimum selected capacity of the UPS is:

\(60kVA/60 \% =100kVA\);

Considering load expansion, the minimum selected capacity of the UPS is:

\(100kVA+12kVA/60 \% =120kVA\)


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