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Minimal quadratic online calculator


Minimal quadratic online calculator

The main method for judging whether a quadratic root is the simplest quadratic root is based on the definition of the simplest quadratic root, or visually observing that each factor (or factor) of the number of squares is less than the root exponent 2, And the number of squares does not contain the denominator. When the number of squares is polynomial, it must be factored out and then observed.

Example: Which of the following are the simplest secondary roots of √8, √18, √32, √2, 3√3, 5√5?

Answer: √ 2, 3 √ 3, 5 √ 5 is the simplest quadratic form.

As can be seen from the above example, encountering a quadratic root, simplifying it will bring convenience to the problem.

The quadratic root that satisfies the following two conditions is called the simplest quadratic form:

(1) The factor of the number of squares is an integer, and the factor is the integer;

(2) There is no factor or factor in the number of open parties.


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