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Log2 Online Calculator

APP description

Log2 10 is a function with the base 2 of 10 as the true number.

Log2 is a function that takes 2 as a true number.

Logarithm is an exponential operation. For example, log2x means how many times x is 2.The monotonicity of the logarithmic function is divided into two categories according to the magnitude of the base a and 1.a>1, increasing, a<1, decreasing.log2x<1=log2 2 (2 is the base, logarithm of 2) so x<2,real number x>0, so 0<x<2 Then let me talk about the calculation of lg.lg is the logarithm to base 10.For example, lgx=y, which is equivalent to the 10y=x,the following lists some calculation formulas for lg,lgA+lgB=lg(A * B ) lgA-lgB=lg(A/B),there is also ln, which represents the natural logarithm, which takes e as the base.

Usage example

Number: 5

Click "Calculate" to output the result

Log2: 2.321928


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