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Octal to Decimal Online Converter Online Calculation Tool

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Decimal to octal Octal to decimal

CTAL Numeric Converter is an online tool for numerical calculations, whether it is a decimal number converted to its equivalent octal number or an octal number converted to its equivalent decimal number. The calculator from above is converted by two conversions, ie decimal to octal and octal to decimal converter, which is selected by the respective radio button. Select the radio button to perform the desired conversion.

Conversion from decimal to octal

Decimal numbers are standard systems that are easily understood by humans. However, digital circuits operate on binary numbers, and some operations are necessary in decimal, octal. It can be implemented by a continuous division method. The following example will show you how to convert its equivalent octal number to decimal

Example: Convert decimal number 143 to equivalent octal

Step 1: The quotient and remainder of the decimal number 8 will be 17 and 7, respectively.

Step 2: Then divide 8 by the quotient of 17 and the remainder 2 and 1 respectively

Step 3: Divide by 2 cannot be divided by 8

Step 4: To make the final number, write the last quotient first, and write the remainder from the bottom to the top

The equivalent octal number is (217)

Octal to decimal conversion

For example: 143 octal number converted to decimal

= 1 x 82 + 4 x 81 + 3 x 80

= 1 x 64 + 4 x 8 + 3 x 1

= 64 + 32 + 3

= 99


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