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Fish tank fish related parameters online calculator

Fish globe calculator

Please modify the input data :

Size of water body part in fish tank: length cm (CM), width cm (CM), height cm (cm, height of bottom sand shall be deducted)
Whether the fish globe is capped:
Type of bedding sand : ,Thickness is cm(centimeter )
Your indoor temperature : ℃ ,You want the constant temperature of the fish tank at :

Operation result :

volume :
The water volume in your tank is L (L), bottom sand capacity is L (Litre)
Weight of water Kg (kg), the weight of bottom sand is about Kg (kg), weight of fishbowl is about Kg (kg, estimated), total weight about Kg (kg)

lighting :
1. According to general experience, the total power of the lamp is about to W (Watt, depending on the species, growth )
2. According to John Fitch's straw tank lighting formula, the optimal total lighting power is W( Watts = 12.25 x Liters0.46,Especially suitable for medium-sized straw VAT )

filter :
The recommended filter flow is to L/H (L / h), some fish may need the highest L/H (L / h) flow.

Heating :
1. According to the experience of 1.5-2w heating rod per litre of water, your aquarium needs a constant temperature rod of W(watt )
2. According to the empirical formula of convective radiation combined surface heat transfer, your aquarium needs a constant temperature rod of W(watt )
(there are differences due to different indoor air convection intensity. If upper filtration is used, it should be increased appropriately for reference only)

Raise :
1. General experience of raising 1 cm fish per litre of water

2. According to the method of calculating fish based on water surface area, the body length of tropical fish (excluding tail fin) needs 30 square centimeters of water surface, and that of goldfish needs 60 square centimeters.
(it is suitable for the bare tank without oxygen charging and trickle filtration, and the grass tank can be increased appropriately)

Fish tank fish related parameters online calculator


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