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Equal Component Butterworth Active High-Pass Filter Online Calculator

(Enter any one value - Resistor or Capacitor and
any one value - Resistor Rc or Resistor Rd)

App description

Enter the cutoff frequency value, any resistor or capacitor value, any resistor Rc or resistor Rd, click Calculate. The result will be displayed.

Calculation formula:

Ra = resistance in the filter

Rb = resistance in the filter

(Ra = Rb)

Ca = filter capacitor

Cb = filter capacitor

(Ca = Cb)

Rc = feedback resistor

Rd = feedback resistor

Usage example

Input data: cutoff frequency: 100KHz

Click on "Calculate"

Output Data:

Resistance (Ra = Rb): 10Kohm

Capacitor (Ca = Cb): 0.159nF

Resistor Rc:10Kohm

Resistor Rd: 5.85Kohm


Enter any value arbitrarily - resistor or capacitor

Any value - resistor Rc or resistor Rd


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