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Tube shrinkage K value online calculator

App Description

Enter the value and click "Calculate" to display the result \(K=0.8×sin (\frac {θ}{2})×(1-β^2)(θ≤45°)\)

\(K=\frac {1}{2}×(1-β^2)×[sin(\frac {θ}{2})]^{\frac {1}{2}} (45°θ≤180°)\)

  • θ = progressive angle
  • β = dmin / dmax

Usage example

Input data: progressive angle: 90; β: 10

Click on "Calculate", K Value: -45.6610


The change in the diameter of the pressure caused by the change in the diameter of the fluid is obtained by fitting. The pressure drop also depends on the speed and changes in the direction of the fit.


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