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Langelier Saturation Index Online Calculator

Analysis value of feed water
Table 1: input table
Table 2: additional sample data
pH= 7.7 8 8.6
TDS= 20 34483 273 mg/l
[Ca2+]= 5 400 49 mg/l
[HCO3-]= 10 140 121 mg/l
T= 20 20 20 Centigrade C
Table 3: Langley saturation index

App description

Langelier Saturation Index Calculator

This calculator can help you determine the potential for water scaling by using the Langelier saturation index.

Give the value of the water analysis

The formula for calculating the Langelier saturation index:

The adaptability of LSI and the LSI improved by the carrier are based on the following values

LSI Express
LSI<0 Saturated calcium carbonate solutions have a tendency to be coated with corroded pipes.
LSI=0 Water is considered neutral. Neither fouling nor descaling.
LSI>0 Saturated calcium carbonate solution (CaCO3) and scale formation may occur.
LSI (Carrier) Express
-2,0<-0,5 Severe corrosion
-0,5<0 Slight corrosion, but frontal formation
LSI = 0,0 Balance point, corrosion corrosion possible
0,0<0,5 Slight scale formation and corrosion
0,5<2 Scale formation but non-corrosive

Usage example

Here is the sample data from table 2: additional sample data.

Value of effluent analysis

Table 1: input table


TDS conductivity: 20



Water temperature: 20

Click "Calculation of saturation index " to output the results.

Table 3: calculation results: Langmuir saturation index



Based on Langelier's (1936) representation:

Unsaturated calcium carbonate solution can corrode the protective coating of calcium carbonate existing in pipeline and equipment.

(1965) based on Langelier improved by carrier: severe corrosion.


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