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Mobile phone - monitor screen ppi online calculation tool

inch (xxcm)

App description

Once the value is entered, it is automatically calculated.

This calculator is suitable for mobile phone, tablet, TV, monitor screen resolution.

The initial width and height are the dimensions of the monitor you are currently using.

The result of the calculation is the metric size centimeter (cm).

Usage example

Horizontal Resolution(Width): 1024 Pixel

Vertical resolution(Height): 800 Pixel

Scren size diagonal: 19 inches (48.26cm)

Click "Calculate" to output the result.

Display size: 14.97" × 11.7" = 175.14in² (38.03cm × 29.71cm = 1129.91cm²). 68.39 PPI, 0.3714mm dot pitch, 4677 PPI²


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