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Specific heat capacity unit (by weight) online conversion calculator

Specific heat capacity unit conversion (by weight).
digits valid number.
Btu / lb °F
Btu / lb °C
ft lbf / lb °F
ft lbf / lb °C
kgf m / kg °C
joulesJoule / lb °C
joules Joule / g °K
joule s / kg °K
kJ / kg °K
MJ / kg °K
calories / g °K
kilocaloriesKcal / kg °K

1J/g℃=1J / (0.001kg1K ) =1000 J/kg*K . Here °C and K are equal unit intervals, that is, the temperature change 1 °C and 1K are the same, so you can directly change °C to K.


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