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Vector addition

Adding vectors A and B is written by forming the sum of the terminal points on the initial point of B and then adding the initial point of A to the end point B. \(C = A + B\) A vector has size and direction, and remember it as a small arrow. There is no indication of the magnitude of the arrow A. The length of the arrow is proportional to the magnitude of the vector. A vector can be specified by its size and orientation, or by its components. Vector addition follows the following properties such as exchangeable and combinable methods.

Vector commutative law\(A + B = B + A\)

Vector combination law\(A +(B + A)=(A + B)+ C\)

The formula is vector addition.\(C = A + B\)

Negative vector

There is a negative vector for each vector A. This vector has opposite direction vectors, but with the same order of magnitude, it is represented as -A.

This vector addition is used in many applications in math, physics and other engineering operations. When it comes to calculating the sum of two vectors, this vector addition calculator can help you find the resulting vector.


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