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Linear interpolation calculation _ online calculation tool

Linear interpolation calculation


Linear interpolation is a method of curves that uses a linear polynomial fit. It calculates the unknown rate as if it were in a straight line between the two rates, the easiest way to calculate the unknown rate. Linear interpolation and its computational mathematics are particularly well-versed in numerical analysis, as well as numerous applications, including computer graphics. It is a simple form of interpolation.

Linear interpolation formula

The contribution of linear interpolation of linear interpolation between each pair of data points of a data point set can be calculated from the following general formula

Linear interpolation:

\(x2 = ((y2 - y1)(x3 - x1) / (y3 - y1)) + x1\)

\(y2 = ((x2 - x1)(y3 - y1) / (x3 - x1)) + y1\)

When it comes to calculations, this linear interpolation calculator is an essential tool to make your calculations easy based on the input (x1, y1), (x2, y2) and (x3, y3) given by the line in the XY plane coordinates.


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