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Complex multiplication online calculation


APP description

This is an online complex multiplication calculator tool that performs complex multiplication operations to perform two complex multiplication operations. The plural \(a + bi\) form, where a and b are both expressions of real numbers. If \(z = a + bi\) is a complex number, then the real and imaginary numbers of z, called a and b, are expressed as (z) and Im(z), respectively. Use complex numbers in many fields of science, including engineering, electromagnetics, quantum physics, applied mathematical theory, and more. Therefore, it is necessary to learn complex numerical operations. The complex multiplication calculator shows the behavior relative to the complex number of real and imaginary numbers of the substantially corresponding multiplication operation. The multiplication between two complex numbers z1 and z2 can be derived from the formula.

\(z1 = a + bj\)

\(z2 = c + dj\)

Complex multiplication formula

\(z1 \cdot z2 = (a + bj).(c + dj) = ac + adj + bcj +bdj2\)

But remember \( j2 = -1\),

So \(z1 \cdot z2 = (ac - bd) + (bc + ad)j \)


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