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Antilog online calculator

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An antilog of a number means that the logarithm of a positive number is equal to the known number.

The so-called "antilog" corresponds to "logarithm", it is the inverse of the "logarithm", generally used in mathematics tables. For example: lg2=0.3010, then on the anti-log list, one result can be found by 0.3010 is 2, which means that 0.3010 is derived from the common logarithm of 2.

That is, in \(b=log_{a}{N}\), the antilog is the known log b to find the corresponding true number N.

Usage example

Value b: 6

Logarithm base a: 2, such as: e, 10, 2

Click "Calculate" to output the result

Anti-number (True Number) N: 64


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