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JS, HTML online compression, encryption, formatting tools

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APP description

JS is javascript for acronym, js is the front page script of the webpage, almost all the webpage effects you see are the credit of JS, if there is no JS webpage, it will become rigid. JScript is an interpreted, object-based scripting language.

Files with js extension are written in javascript scripting language.

There are two common uses of js files.

1.Use in a webpage: Generally, it cannot be opened directly, but only in conjunction with a webpage. If you want to hack an online movie of a website, it is unlikely to start with a js file only. It is recommended to use a special crawling tool, such as wpe, grab the network packet, and then analyze the packet. JS can be edited using Notepad.

2.In stand-alone use, it can be used as an executable program to run directly by double-clicking, of course, provided that the computer does not have web design software installed.


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