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Calculate air volume weight online

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The freight calculation for air cargo is determined by multiplying the single kilogram freight rate by the "kilogram" of the cargo, but the "kilogram" number here refers to the billable weight kilogram of the cargo. The billable weight kilogram is not necessarily equal to the average person. Understand the number of kilograms that the goods are weighed out through the scales. Sometimes, the kilograms are "quantified" by the meter.

The billable weight is calculated based on the physical weight of the goods and the "volume weight" of the goods. The physical weight is well understood, that is, the weight of the goods on the scale, and what is the "volume weight" of the goods? Due to the limited volume of the cargo space carried by the aircraft, in order to balance the actual weight of the cargo with the volume of the cargo, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has uniformly defined the standard formula for “volume weight”. Volumetric weight of air cargo (kg) = volume of cargo (length (cm) × width (cm) × height (cm)) / 6000, that is, 6000 cubic centimeters of volume equivalent to 1 kilogram of weight to calculate freight , converted, 1 cubic meter of cargo should be calculated according to 167 kilograms of freight.


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