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Binary arithmetic calculator online calculation

Binary value operation only

APP description

Binary in mathematics and digital circuits refers to the base 2 counting system, the base 2 represents the binary system. In this system, two different symbols 0 (representing zero) and 1 (representing one) are usually used to represent [1].In digital electronic circuits, the implementation of logic gates directly uses binary, so binary is used in modern computers and computer-dependent devices. Each digit is called a bit (abbreviation of Bit, Binary digit).

After inputting 2 binary numbers, binary arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be performed. Enter the data and get the result.

Usage example

Enter the first value 110

Enter the second value 001

Click "Calculate" to output the result


Addition = 0111

Subtraction = 0101

Multiplication = 0110

Division = 0110


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