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Decimal system latitude and longitude online conversion to degrees and minutes format

Latitude :
Longitude :

App description

The integer part of the latitude and longitude decimal is the degree (°), and the fraction obtained by multiplying the fractional part by 60 is the fraction ('), and multiplying the fractional part of the number by 60 is the number of seconds (").


A longitude decimal is: 10.121806, converted into degrees and minutes: 10°7'18.501611351966858"

Conversion process:

The first step: degree (°) --10 °;

The second step: the score (')---0.121806×60=7.308360189199448, taking the integer part as 7, as a score;

The third step: the number of seconds (") - 0.30836018919944763 × 60 = 18.51011351966858, as the number of seconds.

The degree of minute and second is 10°7'18.501611351966858".

Usage example

Input data:

Decimal latitude ---27.688; decimal longitude ---12.233

Click on "latitude and longitude to latitude and longitude" to get the result:

Latitude: 27° 41' 16.7994"; Longitude: 12° 13' 58.8"


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