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Volume, flow unit online conversion

App description

This page can convert the volume and flow.

Usage example

Exact digits: 6

cubic meter per second (m3/s): 1.00000cubic meter per second.

cubic meter per minute(m3/min): 60.0000cubic meter per minute.

cubic meter per hour (m3/h): 3600.00cubic meter per hour.

liter per second (l/s): 1000.00liter per second.

liter per minute (l/min): 60000.0liter per minute.

liter per hour (l/h): 3.60000e+6liter per hour.

gallons per day (gpd): 2.28000e+7gallons per day.

gallons per minute (gpm): 15900.0gallons per minute.

cubic feet per minute (cfm): 2120.00cubic feet per minute.

imperial gallons per day (gpd): 1.90000e+7imperial gallons per day.

gallons per minute (gpm): 13200.0.


Enter one of the values and click calculate to convert any other result.


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