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Hardness value conversion online calculator(HR30T to HB)

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App description

Enter the value, select the conversion, and click Calculate. The result will be displayed. (The above conversion to austenitic stainless steel and formula according to American ASTM e140)


Hardness is a term of physics in which the ability of a material to partially resist the pressing of a hard object into its surface is called hardness. The local resistance of solids to external objects is an indicator of the softness and hardness of various materials. Since different test methods are specified, there are different hardness standards. The mechanical meanings of various hardness standards are different and cannot be directly converted to each other, but can be compared by experiments.

Usage example

Input data

Hardness value: 12

Brinell hardness (general steel annealed Brinell hardness) is better than Upper Rockwell hardness (hardness value is generally higher)

Click "Calculate" to output data

Converted value: -37 HB


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