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Complex expression online calculator

This webpage uses a syntax similar to a high-level language to calculate a complex expression of a complex number, where the characters +, -, , /, ^ represent addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, power, and square.    There are also functions in the expression, such as sin, cos, etc. The functions that can be used are listed in the following table. You can add parentheses to the expression.    Parentheses can be nested in any layer. Therefore this webpage can be used as a complex calculator. For example, the complex 3+4i multiplied by the sine function of the complex number 1+2i is expressed as    (3+4i)sin(1+2i). Enter the formula for the expression in the edit box below, then click the "Start Calculation" button and the web page will display the calculation results.    Includes the modulus and argument of the result complex. Note that multivalued functions only calculate their primary values.    Furthermore, in the expression, p represents the pi, and e represents the base of the natural logarithm, for example, typing sin(p/2) will calculate a result of 1.

Available functions used in the expression: (set a is a complex expression)
Function name Function Function Function
abs(a) Model of a arg(a) Complex angle of a
conj(a) Conjugation of a sqrt(a) The square root of a
sin(a) Sine of a cos(a) Cosine of a
tan(a) Tangent of a exp(a) The a power of e
asin(a) Anti sine of a acos(a) Arccosine of a
atan(a) Antitangent of a log(a) Natural logarithm of a


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