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Iron powder core magnetic ring (core) inductance value online calculator

µ = Magnetic flux  
(The calculator refers to Amidon products to calculate, with other company products can refer to this calculation results. )

App Description

Input data: the amount of inductance you want to get, in μH; iron core core size model; please select → material material, unit μ = magnetic flux

Output data: actual inductance value, unit μH; number of turns [1]; ring diameter, in millimeters; frequency range; AL inductance, unit μH/100 circles; accurate calculation

Iron powder core is a popular saying of magnetic material triiron tetroxide, which is mainly used in electrical circuits to solve electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems. In practical applications, different kinds of other substances (generally enterprise secrets) will be added according to different filtering requirements in different bands.

Usage example

Input data:

Inductance = 10; iron core core size Model: T-12; please select → material: 0 (brown):: μ = 1; μ = magnetic flux

Output results:

Actual inductance value: [μH]=10.05; number of turns [1]=183; ring diameter [mm]=3.18; frequency range=100-300MHz; AL inductance coefficient [μH/100 circle]=3


The calculator is calculated with reference to Amidon's products, which can be referenced by other company products.

Iron powder core size model: T-12~T-650

Please select → material material: 0~26μ = magnetic flux


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