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Speaker Divider Calculator - Second Order (12 dB / octave) Two-way Crossover Calculator _ Online Computing Tools

Linkwitz-Riley Butterworth Bessel

App Description

Input data: high pass impedance: ohm; low pass impedance: ohm; frequency Hz

Output data: C1 = μf; L1 = mH; C2 = μf; L2 = mH

Usage example


Input data: high-pass impedance: 20 ohms; low-pass impedance: 5 ohms; frequency 100 Hz

Output data: C1 = 39.800μf; L1 = 63.660mH; C2 = 159.20μf; L2 = 15.915mH


Linkwitz-Riley refers to the Linquez-Rayleigh filter; Butterworth refers to the Butterworth filter; Bessel refers to the Bessel filter.


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