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Transistor switch Saturation Online Calculator

App description

The transistor goes into saturation or drives an electronic switch. Therefore calculating parameters is important.

The base current must be Ib = Ic / Beta. Transistors have different gains, so we have to use the lowest value of the beta to ensure saturation.

Rb= (VP-VBE)/Ib= (VP-VBE) * Magnification factor /Ic= (VP-VBE) * Magnification factor * Rc/VP

Usage example

Rc=1KΩ, VP=100V, amplification factor=150, VBE=0.6

Rb= (VP-VBE)/Ib= (VP-VBE) * Magnification factor /Ic= (VP-VBE) * Magnification factor * Rc/VP=149.1


Rc refers to the collector resistance; VP refers to the positive voltage; Beta(min) refers to the amplification factor, current gain; VBE refers to the base-emitter voltage drop; Rb refers to the base resistance


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